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Hi there! My name is May. I am so glad that you dropped by to visit.

My blog is called Along the Way because that is really where I hope we all are—on a journey, seeking both God and our best life. I’m trying to do that and I’d like to walk along the way with you.

On this blog, you will find posts about the journey. I’ve even written a book and a study guide about this trip, called A Time to Seek.

I’ve found that seeking and finding relates to life in so many unusual ways. I write to encourage both you and me to seek after God. I believe it’s impossible to get too close to Him; there is always room to draw nearer.

I also write about seeking after our best life. I believe the two go hand in hand.

Living our best life can start today for everyone, because we always have room to learn, to create and to live better than yesterday. And that is exciting!

I hope you will follow Along the Way by signing up for updates in the box below—it is really easy—and, of course free.

Please take a few minutes to look around the site, read a few stories and be inspired to laugh or to love just a little bit more today.

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“Seeking God isn’t a random side trip – it is a lifelong journey, an active search for something more.”

May Patterson, A Time to Seek

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A Time to Seek: The Joy of Seeking the Lord

Many of us reach out to God for different reasons and in different ways, but we often fail to regularly set our heart to know Him better. We constantly get sidetracked with distractions. We can be overwhelmed with pain or responsibility. Seeking for something beyond ourselves often opposes our self-sufficient nature. Many people in the Bible faced the same issues. This is a study of individuals who decided to seek the Lord with all their heart under difficult circumstances. From their stories we can learn what it looks like to seek God, and discover truth for our own journey. In seeking, we find a loving God that has been actually seeking after us, all along.

Inside this Bible study workbook:

  • 8-week study with historical narrative on Biblical characters

  • Writing space for personal meditation & further study

  • Thought-provoking group discussion questions


How A Time to Seek is growing readers closer to God

Seeking to know God is a TREASURE! And so is this study! It was so refreshing each week to study 8 biblical characters that sought the Lord with all their heart and had hardships just like us! In this study, you will be encouraged to search deeper and have a desire to know Him more personally! Time spent knowing and loving the Lord will not only change your heart but transform it beyond what you could ever ask or imagine! “A Time to Seek” is a great choice!
Chris, Reader of A Time to Seek
Very meaningful study for me. I have never quite known what to do in a quiet time or how many different ways there are to get to know God better. It is an area of my life that has been lacking. This study showed me the importance of spending time daily with God – something I often skipped doing. I love that the study has both personal and group discussion questions and space to write. The short stories on the Bible characters at the beginning of each chapter, made these characters come alive for me. It helped me understand what they felt and why they sought after God. I highly recommend this study!
Jen, Reader of A Time to Seek
This was a wonderful study! Each of the chapters highlights insights into God’s character by studying the men and women who sought Him. The writing was thought provoking, and each section had questions which called for digging deeper into God’s word. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ramann, Reader of A Time to Seek