This week I’m celebrating the completion of my first year of blogging! 


Ten years ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was.

Last March, when I launched my website and blog (called Along the Way), I had no idea what to expect. I decided to try to honor God in each post. I wondered what subjects I would write about. Who would read it? Would my stories encourage anyone or make them smile? Would my words make any difference at all?

The Lord responded to my questions (and fears) by providing YOU to be my readers. Faithfully, you’ve read, commented and shared my posts. I am so grateful!

To celebrate, I’m giving prayer journals away to subscribers!

Five of these prayer journals will be given to randomly selected female subscribers:

And I don’t want to forget the men who are part of our group! These more masculine leather prayer journals will be given away to randomly selected male subscribers:

Learning to blog this year was pretty challenging, but it’s been a fantastic adventure. Along the Way, I’ve interviewed famous authors and selfless missionaries. I’ve written about dogs dying, dolphins jumping and doves nesting (and a few other unusual subjects).

Stories about history, interesting people and even my own life have been posted. I’ve written about parenting, creativity, travel and faith. God has even enabled me to write some words about lofty subjects such as prayer, worship and seeking God.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! Of all the blessings of blogging, YOU have been the greatest blessing of all.

I often pray that I will write something that encourages, touches or inspires you. I pray that when you click on my site, you will find helpful words that you need for your day.

But mostly when I pray about my blog, like Paul, I thank God for the privilege of walking Along the Way with you.

You’ve made thoughtful comments and sent me funny texts, heartfelt emails and cards. Each one is a gift. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Lately, I feel like your every post has been for me, as if my name is written at the top, saying ‘Dear Kim, I wrote this just for you today.’”
  • “I shared your post about the Thief on the Cross tonight with the children at our orphanage in Kenya. It made the story come alive!”
  • “Thank you for writing about my brother [who gave his life for our nation], Nelson Jones. We tend to forget the sacrifices and take our freedom for granted.”
  • “A needed reminder for a Mama who always finds something to feel guilty about.”
  • “I’m crying as I read this story because I’ve just gone through the same thing! So beautifully said, sweet friend! Thank you.”
  • “My kids and I are giggling as we read this! What a blessing to think of God right in the middle of worship, distractions and all.”

Your 3 favorite posts were:

Flying Beyond the Empty Nest

When You Don’t Feel Like “Mom of the Year”

God Never Forgets a Prayer

Drawing details:

  • Tuesday 4/4/17, I’m giving away prayer journals (pictured above) to randomly chosen subscribers.
  • If you are already a subscriber to my site, your name will AUTOMATICALLY be entered.
  • If you want to be entered more than once, tag 3 friends on my Instagram post. Click Here
  • If you haven’t subscribed to yet, TODAY would be a great time to do so! It’s free and easy to do. Type in your email address where it says “subscribe to newsletter” at the top right-hand corner of this page. 

I’m giving journals away because I want you to encourage you to write down your prayers. The journals have categories to help you organize your thoughts and prayers.

If you don’t usually write down your prayers, you might want to give it a try–you could be missing some huge answers and blessings! This journal will be a great addition to your prayer life.

If you don’t win, you can purchase the ladies’ journals at Sweet Pineapple Gifts & Home for $16.00. They have a wonderful selection of journals and Christian gifts, as well as beautiful decorative items. The men’s journals were purchased at the Lifeway Store on Highway 72 for $12.99.

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