“Mom! He’s writing my name in spit on the window!” Oh great, here we go.

“She stuck her foot on my side of the car!” Some parents drug their kids for road trips…

“He made an ugly face at me!” Want to see an uglier one?

“Are we there yet?” “No kids, it’s not time yet.” But it’s definitely time for Xanax!

Ever wonder why family travel can be so frustrating? Think about it: we lock 4-8 people into a double-bed sized space, and then sit together for hours, immobilized and eating junk food. With each mile the clouds of boredom and irritation build, like a gathering storm. And this doesn’t only happen when we are traveling with younger kids–I’ve discovered (and maybe you have, too) that family annoyance isn’t limited to any one age group. 

We’ve all been there: complaints and bickering. Juice boxes and spilled Ritz Bits. Side-splitting laughter. Changing the google maps voice to an Australian accent just for fun. Cheap gas station coffee. An essential detour for a decadent box of hot Krispy Kremes. Learning, adventure and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

Although family trips range wildly between wonderful and frustrating, we continue traveling together because adventures are best shared. Family trips provide opportunities to learn, grow and love. We return home with a deeper bond–and a small sigh of relief.

Many of you will take a family road trip soon. Good for you! I want to help! This July, I am offering vacation conversation cards as a FREE download. Using these cards can stimulate meaningful conversation, ward-off bickering and keep you laughing at each other throughout your trip.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Vacation conversation cards are available to all subscribers. Please tell your friends! You can even print out extra sets for your neighbors or grandchildren. Simply download the cards, print and cut them out, and use them to enrich the conversations of your next vacation.

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Wishing your family happy, safe and wonderful travels!