Do you ever wonder if you are creative?

Deep down you sense that you are.

But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure.


Many people think being creative means being really talented. I disagree.

I think creativity is more about your attitude and less about your ability.


You can apply creativity to just about anything and make it better.

You can use your talents creatively. You can apply creativity to your work or parenting. You can develop your natural bent. Learning to use your own unique creativity adds value to the world.

God gave you your talents and dreams and even your special knack to impact someone else’s life. When you use your creativity, God is glorified and needs are met.


Still thinking that you aren’t creative? I disagree. Here are five reasons why you are creative:

1. You Bear the Image of the Creator.
When you don’t really use your creative bent, you feel like something is missing. Your soul feels a loss. Your spirit seems a bit dry. You feel this way because you were made in the image of the Creator. Whenever you use your creativity, you imitate Him.

But sometimes, you don’t feel very creative. Me, too.

Just because you don’t feel creative, doesn’t mean that you aren’t. If you’re not sure what your creative bent is yet, maybe it’s time to do some self-discovery.

Creativity is kind of like a muscle; the more you use it, the more you have to use. But often your creative side takes a bit of effort to unlock (I’ve attached something to help with that below). Creativity dwells deep inside you, but sometimes doubt can stifle it.

2. Doubt
Yes, doubt is a sign that you have a creative mind and that you were meant to use it. If you didn’t have a way to add value to the world, you wouldn’t even think about it, but you do have something, and you know it.

But doubt can stop you. Refuse to listen to it. Say “I am creative” out loud often, because it is true. Keep taking tiny steps forward. Why keep moving forward?

Because you are creative.

3. Resistance
Creativity is usually met with resistance. Many times this comes from other people. Some will scoff. Others will be apathetic. Some just don’t have the time to understand what in the world you’re doing.

Embrace this. It means you are on the right track. Don’t let peer pressure block your creativity.

When resistance comes, don’t start second guessing yourself. Try to develop your creative gift. Strive to reach your full potential. Follow the Spirit’s lead. If you don’t, then you will miss the fulfillment of using your God-given creativity.

4. Perfectionism
When you truly care about something, you want it to be perfect.

Start today. Don’t wait for perfection. Let it be messy at first. Let it be chaotic—you’re just getting started.

I care about writing. I write to encourage and bless people. And for that reason, I want everything I write to be perfect, because in my head, I believe perfection equals value to you, but that isn’t always true.

Excellence, not perfection, impacts the world. Perfection is just an unrealistic idea in your head. Striving for perfection is a sign that you really care, and that’s good, because it means you will do your best, even though it will never be totally perfect.

5. Inner Yearning
Deep down, you feel an inner yearning to do something beautiful: paint a watercolor, serve at the senior home, write a blog, sing at church, organize a ministry, play the flute or counsel others through grief.

Your inner yearning pulls at your heart, leading you toward doing something great, but maybe you are hesitant.

Being creative requires faith. And sometimes, a lot of courage.

Let your inner yearning fuel your courage. Step out on faith and follow your calling. Results may not come instantly, but living creatively is satisfying. Create something for joy. Create to glorify the Creator. Create to serve others.


Just like you, I am creative, too. I have kind of a knack for writing. I didn’t really discover this about myself until I was 46 years old.

It’s not that God didn’t hint at it beforehand. It’s not that I didn’t have a nagging longing to create.


I just didn’t think I was good enough. So I didn’t really try.


Finally, someone asked me to write something and I agreed. That project just felt so right to me.

I started evaluating further. I prayed a lot. I kept asking for signs.


On a rainy January day, when I was feeling bored and useless, I decided to write an article and send it to a magazine just for fun.

It was published!

So I wrote some more magazine articles. All of them were rejected.


I felt the resistance, deeply. Doubt flooded my heart. My sense of imperfection shut me down for a while.

Thankfully, I decided to step out on faith.

I learned to write by writing. A lot. I took classes and went to writing conferences.


It took a year, but I was finally published again. Now I’ve published over fifty pieces, in one place or another.

And I’m still writing.

This month, my first book comes out. It is called Seeking a Familiar Face. Here’s a sneak peak:

If I can create something, so can you.

Maybe writing is not your thing. Discover what your thing is and how you can use your creativity well. Don’t put it off.

Living creatively is God’s purpose for you because YOU are creative.



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