If your children (or grandchildren) are headed back to school soon, you might be feeling an odd mixture of emotions: excitement, relief, anxiety and even nostalgia. Me, too. My daughter starts her second year of graduate school this month.

Hold on tight, here we go!

Starting school is a big step for children—so, it’s also a big step for parents.

Of course, you want the school year to be fantastic. You want your kids to thrive, grow and be happy, but what if they struggle? What if they face peer pressure? What if they’re treated unfairly?

Here’s the truth: with each passing year, your children’s lives spin further and further out of your control. This lack of control can leave you feeling anxious (and maybe even a little tearful) during the first week of school.

I have a suggestion.

Why not start your child’s school year off right by praying over it for 7 days?

You can’t do anything more powerful than that! And a dedicated time of prayer will probably relieve some of your anxiety, too.

In fact, why don’t we pray together?

To help you do this, I’ve created Back-to-School Prayers: For Parents Who Pray a FREE prayer guide for 7 days of purposeful prayer over school this year, 2019-2020.

If you are a parent who prays, then this guide is for you! Simply email me at hello@maypatterson.com and request this year’s back-to-school prayer guide, and I’ll send it to you.

Use 7 Days of Back-to-School Prayers on your own or use it as a guide to help you pray with friends, a small group or your spouse! 

Each day has a specific prayer focus, a devotional with a related Scripture, and a page for writing out your prayers. Why write down your prayers? Because it helps you organize your thoughts and provides you with insight and perspective. It gives you a written record of what you prayed for, in case you forget.












Save this prayer guide until the end of the school year and then look back at God’s answers—you may be surprised.

When: Why not start today? Check my Author Facebook page for encouragement for all 7 days at May Patterson, Writer.

How: Email me to request this FREE prayer guide, download, print it out and pray for 7 days. Pray on your own or with a friend or with your spouse. Each day, the prayer guide will encourage and direct you.

Why: Because specific prayers get specific answers. And answered prayers build your faith like nothing else can. Why pray with a group? Because praying together is powerful and encouraging.

You know, prayer is totally free and easy to do and yet, it has remarkable valuable.

I know this by experience. I’ve prayed my three children through many school years. My twin boys, Will & Bryant, are pictured above on their first day of school, August 2001. (Weren’t they cute?) And I’m still praying for my children. I hope you are, too.

No matter what age your children are, they need your prayers. Next week, they’ll be walking down school hallways and sitting down for the first time at their desks . . . please cover them in prayer.

I love this quote about starting school from Erma Bombeck:

“For from this day forward his world can only widen. An existence that began in a crib, grew to a house, and extends over a two-block bicycle ride will now go even beyond that.

I will share him with another woman, other adults, other children, other opinions, other points of view. I am no longer leading. I am standing behind him ready to guide [and love] from a new position.”

You won’t regret setting aside a week to really pray for your child. Trust me. Please join us for 7 Days of Back-to-School Prayers!

*Share your school-related prayer needs in the comment section below or email me and I’ll be happy to pray for your child this week.