Maybe you’ve already heard of JH Outback weekends before, and you might think it sounds great for somebody else, but not for you—you’re just too busy.

But what if you’re wrong?

An Outback weekend might be an awesome experience for you—and someone you love—like it has been for thousands of others.

Read the following list to decide if Outback is right for you.

You Might Enjoy an Outback Weekend, IF…

  • You want to do something adventurous, out of your normal routine with someone you love.
  • You want to be outdoors in a beautiful setting.

  • You want to get away with your spouse or teen and spend some quality time together—this is the place!

  • You want to do something purposeful and fun.
  • Having meaningful conversations with your spouse or teen feels uncomfortable—we can help you!

  • You like making new friends and lasting memories.

  • Worshipping in a one-of-a-kind setting sounds interesting.
  • You’ve never camped before—this is as luxurious as camping gets. (Hot meals, indoor bathrooms)

  • You are willing to take a step of faith. (Click on the pic below)

Could a JH Outback Weekend be just what you need? If so, here’s the good news: I’ll foot the bill. (a $350 value)

Simply subscribe in the form below (or in the pop-up box) and then email me: to request an Outback Scholarship for the Huntsville Fall Outback, 9/27-29.

This offer is for the Huntsville Outback only and will END Sunday, 9/8/19 .

Outback is just 48 hours, but the experience can last a lifetime. Don’t miss the opportunity to get away with your teenager or spouse for a transformational, uniquely Christian experience!