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May Patterson, author of "Seeking a Familiar Face," began writing in response to God’s grace. And by this grace, she has written, taught the Bible and spoken at a variety of events. Her ministry focus is to help people draw closer to God and each other. May is married to her dear friend Mike, and they have three grown children. She has a great love for her family, the great outdoors and travel.

Dealing with Divorce? How to Move On


The doctor frowned and said, “No man is worth this. You’ve got to let him go and move on.” My friend “Ashley” just stared at him, thinking, But, how? She weighed 95 pounds. She couldn’t eat or sleep. She was emaciated body, mind and soul. That was 24 years ago. To see her smiling face now, [...]

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Should You Observe Lent This Year?


Have you ever noticed how some people have ashes smudged on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday? Having grown up in the deep South in a fundamental church, the practice seems, well . . . kind of strange. This year, many will begin Ash Wednesday with an early morning service. It’s a solemn occasion, focused on repentance and [...]

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How to Sabotage Your Marriage (Without Realizing It)


She looked hot and she knew it. Blonde. Curvaceous. Suede stilettos with a way-too-short skirt. Beckoning green eyes and a killer smile to match. She wanted everyone’s attention in the room and boy, she got it (including mine). She floated through the crowd, giggling with one group and then another. Finally, she sauntered over toward [...]

How to Sabotage Your Marriage (Without Realizing It)2019-04-11T20:39:09-05:00