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May Patterson, author of "Seeking a Familiar Face," began writing in response to God’s grace. And by this grace, she has written, taught the Bible and spoken at a variety of events. Her ministry focus is to help people draw closer to God and each other. May is married to her dear friend Mike, and they have three grown children. She has a great love for her family, the great outdoors and travel.

You Were Made for More


The stunning brunette caught my eye as she staggered through the campus lawn in her stiletto ankle boots. Her blue eyes were glassy. Her speech slurred. In one hand she held a cigarette, in the other a champagne bottle. She tipped the bottle up and polished off the rest of it with several loud gulps [...]

You Were Made for More2020-01-20T20:17:32-06:00

What I Learned from Art Leslie (and what you can learn, too)


Last week, I lost a friend. Maybe he was your friend, too. Art Leslie, the founder, visionary and selfless servant of the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center, passed away, unexpectedly. Although he didn’t know it was his last day to live, he lived his last day well. His mission was simple: to glorify God by [...]

What I Learned from Art Leslie (and what you can learn, too)2019-11-17T22:23:14-06:00

Should You Go on a Pilgrimage?


“Hold on a minute, you want me to do what?” I asked my friend Terri. She explained, “We want you to come with us on a pilgrimage, hiking through Spain.” It sounded like a grand adventure—which I’m usually up for—but making a “pilgrimage” sounded odd. Why not just call it a hiking trip? I’ve learned [...]

Should You Go on a Pilgrimage?2019-10-31T14:54:33-06:00