Enhance Your Romance: Valentine’s Date Night Topics


We escaped—practically fled from our house—and drove off into the sunset together. Our Valentine’s date night was long overdue. After my husband and I were seated at our favorite restaurant, I almost teared up--the culture shock was just a little too much--as I gingerly ran my fingers across my fancy linen napkin. Red roses and flickering [...]

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The Recipe for a Merry Christmas


Years ago, when my great-grandmother May (whom I’m named after) got really tickled, she would laugh so hard she'd lose her top denture. The entire family would erupt into hysterical laughter and those of us who were already laughing would begin to cry and hold our sides. Thankfully, May laughed right along with us! One Christmas, [...]

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Independence Day: A Celebration of Deliverance


George Washington was trapped—British forces were in front of him and the mile-wide East River was at his back. He was outgunned, outmanned and backed into a corner. His inexperienced, underequipped army had already suffered several defeats. And now they were sitting ducks, waiting to be annihilated. A defeat at Brooklyn, in 1776, would probably [...]

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