How to Live Ready in 2021 (Thoughts from Mark Russell)


One minute, Mark Russell was refereeing a high school football game. The next minute, he was . . . gone. There was no warning.No time to yell out for help. Suddenly, everything went black.I sat in the stands, watching in horror, as someone I’ve known since childhood, lay crumpled on the sideline, gray and lifeless. [...]

How to Live Ready in 2021 (Thoughts from Mark Russell)2021-01-17T15:19:32-06:00

A New Screwtape Letter About Christmas 2020


The virus is ramping up and businesses are shutting down. People are arguing. Complaining. Fear and dread are in the air. Welcome to Christmas 2020. In light of our current problems, how can anybody feel hopeful this year?  C.S. Lewis once asked a similar question. During WWII, London was bombed regularly. Thousands died or were [...]

A New Screwtape Letter About Christmas 20202021-01-07T10:32:44-06:00

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You


It’s been a year like no other. Not in a good way. The pandemic is on the rise, as is crime, unemployment and social distancing. You’ve felt the pain of 2020.I've felt it, too. Like a weight in my soul.In fact, I wasn’t going to post this Thanksgiving because honestly, I’ve been feeling more fearful [...]

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You2020-12-15T08:56:18-06:00
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