How You Can Fight the Pandemic of Fear


Just to be honest, pandemics are pretty tough. In fact, I think they really stink. Many people are sick right now, barely clinging to life. Some have died. Medical supplies are low. Our hearts are pretty low, too. Disney World, the “happiest place on earth,” is now devoid of happy people (or any people). The [...]

How You Can Fight the Pandemic of Fear2020-04-02T22:46:09-05:00

Pray With Strangers–Even If You Don’t Really Want To


She barely made our flight. Just before the plane door closed, she charged in, marching down the isle like a bulldozer. She wore a faded Def Leppard t-shirt, a puffy coat with a coffee stain, jeans that must've been two sizes too small and a menacing scowl. Surely, she won’t sit next to us, I thought [...]

Pray With Strangers–Even If You Don’t Really Want To2020-03-11T01:01:19-05:00

You Were Made for More


The stunning brunette caught my eye as she staggered through the campus lawn in her stiletto ankle boots. Her blue eyes were glassy. Her speech slurred. In one hand she held a cigarette, in the other a champagne bottle. She tipped the bottle up and polished off the rest of it with several loud gulps [...]

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