Enhance Your Romance: Valentine’s Date Night Topics


We escaped—practically fled from our house—and drove off into the sunset together. Our Valentine’s date night was long overdue. After my husband and I were seated at our favorite restaurant, I almost teared up--the culture shock was just a little too much--as I gingerly ran my fingers across my fancy linen napkin. Red roses and flickering [...]

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5 Things I’ve Got to Stop Saying in 2018


  "I'm freaking out!” “O.M.G.”   “I'm so burned out; I quit!” Clichés. Erroneous negative comments. Everyday chitchat. Sometimes I throw words around sort of carelessly, without thinking about what I am truly saying. After all, they’re just words—pretty harmless, right? Jesus didn't seem to think so. He taught that our words are actually quite [...]

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5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative


Do you ever wonder if you are creative? Deep down you sense that you are. But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure.   Many people think being creative means being really talented. I disagree. I think creativity is more about your attitude and less about your ability.   You can apply creativity [...]

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