Be Thankful–It’s Good for You


It’s been a year like no other. Not in a good way. The pandemic is on the rise, as is crime, unemployment and social distancing. You’ve felt the pain of 2020.I've felt it, too. Like a weight in my soul.In fact, I wasn’t going to post this Thanksgiving because honestly, I’ve been feeling more fearful [...]

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You2020-12-15T08:56:18-06:00

Want to Be Happier? Try Being Extra Kind


Every day you have multiple opportunities to be kind or to not be kind. Since I see such a glaring lack of kindness in our world right now, I wrote this last One-2-One on being extra kind. This summer, I've written a series of short posts called Encouragement One-2-One, featuring one thought, 2 quotes and one question. I [...]

Want to Be Happier? Try Being Extra Kind2020-09-18T13:11:18-05:00

7 Days of Back-to-School Prayers for Your Child


Starting school each year is a big step for children—so, it’s also a big step for parents (and grandparents). Of course, you want this school year to be awesome. You want your kids to thrive, grow and be happy, but what if they struggle with difficult classes, or overly-demanding teachers or peer pressure? And if that's [...]

7 Days of Back-to-School Prayers for Your Child2020-09-28T21:34:08-05:00
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