If You’re a Worried Parent, You Need to Read This


At 2:00 a.m. I woke up in a panic, worried sick. Are my children okay? Where are they right now? Who are they with? Visions of a crashed car in a ditch popped into my head. What if a masked terrorist mows down students in the quad with an AK-47? What if an electrical fire [...]

If You’re a Worried Parent, You Need to Read This2020-05-02T20:42:01-05:00

Death at a Christmas Party


Just as the guests arrived, my friend Beth noticed Maxine, her sweet little pug, lying mighty still—kind of like a corpse—on her red plaid pillow by the fireplace. Now Maxine was old, and while her death was a mercy and expected, Beth never dreamed that Maxine would pass on during the Christmas party. Before Beth [...]

Death at a Christmas Party2020-01-21T20:47:44-05:00

You Were Made for More


The stunning brunette caught my eye as she staggered through the campus lawn in her stiletto ankle boots. Her blue eyes were glassy. Her speech slurred. In one hand she held a cigarette, in the other a champagne bottle. She tipped the bottle up and polished off the rest of it with several loud gulps [...]

You Were Made for More2020-02-08T21:40:29-05:00