Want to Be Happier? Try Being Extra Kind


Every day you have multiple opportunities to be kind or to not be kind. Since I see such a glaring lack of kindness in our world right now, I wrote this last One-2-One on being extra kind. This summer, I've written a series of short posts called Encouragement One-2-One, featuring one thought, 2 quotes and one question. I [...]

Want to Be Happier? Try Being Extra Kind2020-09-18T13:11:18-05:00

5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative


Do you ever wonder if you are creative? Deep down you sense that you are. But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure.   Many people think being creative means being really talented. I disagree. I think creativity is more about your attitude and less about your ability.   You can apply creativity [...]

5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative2020-06-22T15:45:16-05:00

Out of Africa: What I Learned from Curtis & Devry Coghlan


They were utterly alone. Abandoned. Hungry. Clinging to one another in a mud hut in rural Kenya. Christine, the oldest, had advanced conjunctivitis in both eyes. Each day, her eyesight became more filmy and dim. Her younger brother, Enoch, had a burgeoning mass on his sternum and a growing, infectious sore on his back. Their [...]

Out of Africa: What I Learned from Curtis & Devry Coghlan2017-01-09T07:57:01-06:00
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