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Speaking Topics

May is available to speak on several topics, found below.

  • Seeking God, Finding Life – Seeking to know God and finding Him and our best life is my signature message. There are so many ways to seek God and so many biblical examples to learn from. I share my testimony of what seeking the Lord has taught me and emphasize all the blessings that can be ours by learning to seek the Lord in everything we do.
  • Climbing Out of Despair–Like stairs, seeking God’s glory can help us climb out of the pit of despair. I help classes explore Moses’ “prayer for despair” and the “steps” that he took on a very dark day. We can follow his pattern to climb out from depression and discouragement.
  • Relational Masterpieces – God wants to paint relational masterpieces in our lives by teaching us to love physically, emotionally and spiritually. Using the book of Ruth as a text, I illustrate how God supplies us with love and cares about each relationship we have.
  • Overcoming Dry Worship – Worship means so much more than we can grasp. God designed it with certain triggers to address our senses, but most of us don’t realize it. Approaching worship differently helps us overcome dry, stale worship. This topic can be a 4-week series.
  • The Wild Ride of Serving: We can use our calling and gifts to encourage others, but first we have to determine what our gifts are. Using the story of Barnabas as an example, I help classes explore their God given gifts and consider how to use all we have for God.
  • Mountaintop Prayers and Lightening Bolt Answers: Even though prayer can be frustrating at times, it can also be enjoyed. By exploring Elijah’s mountaintop prayers at Mount Carmel, and other biblical prayers, we can learn many powerful principles to help us make a deep, spiritual connection with God when we pray.

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