Speaking Topics

Video of the HICLC Annual Dinner 3/28/19. Click on the picture above to watch a short sample talk.

May speaks on a variety of topics, such as:

How Will You Respond to the Most Important Invitation of Your Life? It’s incredible. The Lord God Almighty invites you and I to spend time with Him each day! It’s one of the most important invitations we’ll ever receive. But some don’t take His invitation very seriously. I sure didn’t. And my soul suffered withering loss for years. But once I finally started saying “yes” to God’s invitation, my life began to change radically. The same can happen for you. Seeking God has changed countless lives–why not yours? (This can be a single talk or 3-part retreat series)

How to Look Up When You’re Down: At the lowest point of Moses’s life, he found a way out of despair by asking to see God’s glory. And what Moses saw inspired him to go on to accomplish incredible things. Seeking God’s glory can do the same for you and me. In this talk, I teach a simple “prayer for despair” that can help you look up when you’re down. And I identify 3 “stairs” that can lift you out of despair’s slimy pit, so that you can be inspired to do greater things than you ever thought were possible.

3 Simple Ways to Love Hard-to-Love People: All of us have hard-to-love people in our lives, yet God calls us to love them well. But how? By addressing their needs. You see, each person has a similar set of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The better these needs are met, the better your relationship with them will be. Learning how to do this is a real game changer. But here’s the best part: you’re not in it alone–God wants to help you build (or rebuild) your relationships. He wants to help you love well, and so do I. I’ve filled this talk with fun stories and fresh ideas to help you love on purpose.

Celebrate: Raise Your Hands & Stomp Your Feet! Most of us have suffered through too many dry-as-toast worship services, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact God designed worship, not to be mundane, but to give us a break from the mundane. It’s fascinating how God designed worship, embedding certain “triggers” to address our senses, but most of us don’t realize it. In this talk (or series), I identify how you can use these triggers to get more out of worship than ever before. You need a break from here! And God offers you one, in worship. So raise your hands, stomp your foot and join in! (This can be a single talk, retreat or a 4-week series.)

Want to Live Fully Alive? Then Answer These 3 Questions: you have so many talents, gifts and resources–much more than you think you do. But it’s hard to use something you don’t know you have. That’s where I come in, leading audiences to explore what God has given them: their talents, loves, special knacks, gifts and resources. It’s amazing what a little brainstorming session can do! But spending time with God does much more. He sheds light on how to use what you have. He also points out who your gifts were designed to help. And when God reveals a need and calls you to use your gifts to meet it, wellthere’s nothing that will make you feel more fully alive.

6 Ways to Make Your Prayer Life Richer: we often think of prayer as a way to get answers, but if we limit prayer to only that, we miss its greater purpose. Prayer is how we communicate with God Almighty. It’s intimate. Unique. Conversational. The Lord wants to hear every word you say–not many do. He invites you to pour your heart out to Him. But if you limit your prayers to “churchy” cliches and canned repetitions, then you’ll miss the rich encounters with God that you could’ve had. In this talk I explore 6 ways, using vivid stories and examples, that will make your prayer life richer than ever before.

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