You Were Made for More


The stunning brunette caught my eye as she staggered through the campus lawn in her stiletto ankle boots. Her blue eyes were glassy. Her speech slurred. In one hand she held a cigarette, in the other a champagne bottle. She tipped the bottle up and polished off the rest of it with several loud gulps [...]

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Bad First Day Of School? How NOT to Handle It


Ready or not, it's the first day of school. For some, it will be a great day. For others, it will be a tough one. Years ago, when I picked my daughter up after the first day of school, I could see her crushed little spirit even before she got into the car. A teacher had [...]

Bad First Day Of School? How NOT to Handle It2019-09-02T20:33:44-05:00

Independence Day: A Celebration of Deliverance


George Washington was trapped—British forces were in front of him and the mile-wide East River was at his back. He was outgunned, outmanned and backed into a corner. His inexperienced, underequipped army had already suffered several defeats. And now they were sitting ducks, waiting to be annihilated. A defeat at Brooklyn, in 1776, would probably [...]

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