3 Truths to Help You Deal with Critics


If you've ever pursued a worthwhile dream, then you've probably run into a critic or two. If you've ever taken a big risk, or started a difficult project, or even sacrificed to serve someone else, then you know about criticism. Maybe you're dealing with a critic right now. If so, let me encourage you: don't [...]

3 Truths to Help You Deal with Critics2020-07-14T11:24:42-05:00

People Do Dumb Things: 7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool


The trouble started just as the waiter brought tiramisu and coffee. He carried a large coffeepot and thick ceramic mugs on his tray. Suddenly, the heavy tray tipped forward, as if drawn by an invisible force, and the entire pot of steaming coffee poured down my back. One of the mugs followed, hitting my head [...]

People Do Dumb Things: 7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool2019-03-29T08:10:50-05:00

5 Ways to Kill Creativity


A few years ago, my teenagers were shocked and extremely alarmed when I told them that my first magazine article was going to be published. “Mom! Have you even researched what you’re writing about? You can’t just sit down and write.” Not quite the support I was hoping for… Usually, our [...]

5 Ways to Kill Creativity2018-09-18T10:59:44-05:00
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