To the Mama on My Flight Who I Didn’t Help . . .


A thick strand of auburn hair fell down into her blue eyes, but “Mama” didn’t have a free hand to brush it back. She carried her screaming newborn and her fussy 2-year-old in her arms, along with an over-stuffed backpack. Her 4-year-old son clung to the frayed hem of her sweater. Down the narrow aisle [...]

To the Mama on My Flight Who I Didn’t Help . . .2019-03-29T08:11:39-05:00

5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative


Do you ever wonder if you are creative? Deep down you sense that you are. But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure.   Many people think being creative means being really talented. I disagree. I think creativity is more about your attitude and less about your ability.   You can apply creativity [...]

5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative2019-03-29T08:36:18-05:00

5 Ways to Kill Creativity


A few years ago, my teenagers were shocked and extremely alarmed when I told them that my first magazine article was going to be published. “Mom! Have you even researched what you’re writing about? You can’t just sit down and write.” Not quite the support I was hoping for… Usually, our [...]

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