Be Thankful–It’s Good for You


It’s been a year like no other. Not in a good way. The pandemic is on the rise, as is crime, unemployment and social distancing. You’ve felt the pain of 2020.I've felt it, too. Like a weight in my soul.In fact, I wasn’t going to post this Thanksgiving because honestly, I’ve been feeling more fearful [...]

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You2020-12-15T08:56:18-06:00

Why You Can Be Grateful to Be An American


Even though we have many problems in our nation, I’m grateful to be an American this Independence Day. If you are an American, I hope you will pause to be grateful, too. This summer, I'm on a mission to give you the best encouragement I can give. So, I'm writing a series of short posts called [...]

Why You Can Be Grateful to Be An American2020-08-16T09:13:06-05:00

Don’t Forget to Remember on Memorial Day


Private Nelson Jones was pinned down under fire with his unit in a small square in Oerlinghausen, Germany, on a chilly morning in April, 1945. As he tried to return fire, an ear-splitting blast from a German Panzer tank killed him, instantly. A year earlier, he was walking the halls as senior class president of [...]

Don’t Forget to Remember on Memorial Day2019-05-27T08:54:22-05:00
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