To the Mama on My Flight Who I Didn’t Help . . .


A thick strand of auburn hair fell down into her blue eyes, but “Mama” didn’t have a free hand to brush it back. She carried her screaming newborn and her fussy 2-year-old in her arms, along with an over-stuffed backpack. Her 4-year-old son clung to the frayed hem of her sweater. Down the narrow aisle [...]

To the Mama on My Flight Who I Didn’t Help . . .2018-09-10T07:51:04+00:00

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 7


I was hopelessly lost. I had planned on calling for directions to our rental cabin once we got to Wears Valley, TN, but we lost cell service. I hadn’t planned on that. I had no map to refer to, only an address. I was alone, except for my three tiny babies. The car behind us [...]

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Back-to-School Prayers: Day 6


Today, as we pray for our children, our prayer focus is: FRIENDSHIP School provides one of the first opportunities we have for close friendships. Many of us still love the sweet friends we made in school! (Even decades later) Now, it's time for our children to build close friendships. As we pray for our children [...]

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