Back-to-School Prayers: Day 6


Today, as we pray for our children, our prayer focus is: FRIENDSHIP School provides one of the first opportunities we have for close friendships. Many of us still love the sweet friends we made in school! (Even decades later) Now, it's time for our children to build close friendships. As we pray for our children [...]

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 62019-03-29T08:14:19-05:00

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 5


It’s Day 5 of praying for our kids! If you are just joining us, we welcome you! Today our prayer focus is: GRATITUDE The Bible tells us to be grateful, not because gratitude is easy, but because it takes effort. Gratitude must be cultivated in order to flourish. God asks us to thank Him in [...]

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 52019-03-29T08:15:03-05:00

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 4


Today’s prayer focus as we pray for our children is: SELF-CONTROL. Practicing self-control means controlling emotions, thoughts and behavior in the face of difficulty. That's easy to say, but hard to do---especially for young children. Developing self-control can be unpleasant and downright painful, but it is necessary. The worst thing parents can do is to prevent [...]

Back-to-School Prayers: Day 42019-03-29T08:15:39-05:00