5 Comforting Verses for a Hurting Heart


His face was flushed; his large eyes were bulging. Angry words, as sharp as daggers, spewed rapidly from his mouth. My first angry client stomped around my office in a bright green sweater, waving his arms, yelling and pointing his finger—at me. I felt like ducking for cover. I was only twenty-five years old, and I [...]

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God Never Forgets Your Prayers


Bless her heart, young Mary Ann just couldn’t sing a lick. Even the tune of "Happy Birthday" gave her trouble. She tried to sing like all the other kids, but somehow, she just couldn’t hit the notes. Mary Ann prayed that God would help her learn to sing, but it just didn’t happen. Soon, she forgot [...]

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I Saw God at Ground Zero: What Jackie Albrecht Discovered


“Vast destruction surrounded me," said Jackie Albrecht. "Grief and sadness, tears mingled with groans . . . I'll never forget the sounds. Or how hot the smoldering metal was. Sometimes, I can still smell that noxious mix of diesel fuel and charred flesh. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I served as a grief counselor at [...]

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